The Bayesian Conspiracy
The Bayesian Conspiracy
212 - Feedback Extravaganza

212 - Feedback Extravaganza

A bit of a change of pace this episode. Eneasz and Steven catch up on some feedback we've had piling up for the last several weeks. Always feel free to call us out on any bullshit we say or if you have anything you want to add to our discussions. Chat with us and a ton of awesome people on our Discord server, comment on the episode here, email us at, or use our now-mostly-inactive subreddit!

Claude 3
Tumblr post from one participant of Aella's birthday party
Twitter thread from the badass virgin attendee we mentioned

0:00:17 – Feedback
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0:58:42 – Less Wrong Posts
1:39:29 – Thank the Patron

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LessWrong Sequence Posts Discussed in this Episode:

Joy in Discovery

Bind Yourself to Reality

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